Are You Caring for your Parents? We Can Help You!

Long-Term-Care-Estate-Planning-AttorneyHave you received a diagnosis? Is there a death in the family? Are your legal affairs in order? How will you pay for long term care?

We can make sure you can help your parents and protect what you have.

 We can help you:

  • Designate the right decision maker
  • Avoid expensive court oversight
  • Protect your assets
  • Qualify for Medi-Cal
  • Qualify for veterans aid & attendance

By creating a trust we are able to protect your assets including your home and certain monies. So if you need additional state or federal benefits further down the road (Medi-cal, veterans aid and assistance, etc.) these items will not be used against you, potentially disqualifying you from receiving, or reducing the amount of benefits. Furthermore, a living trust allows you to choose someone to make medical decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated. It also allows a person of your choosing to access your Trust account for the purpose of paying long term care expenses.

Where a living trust protects assets inside your trust, a power of attorney gives a person of your choosing limited powers to protect assets outside of your trust. Making it possible for this person to pay your bills or even make business decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated; all while avoiding having to go through the courts.

An additional benefit of having a trust is avoiding probate. Probate is the legal process by which the state determines who inherits which assets, and how to distribute those assets should a person die without a trust. Even those protected by a will go through probate if there isn’t a trust. However, they do so quicker, with greater ease and at less expense. 

A complete estate plan for you may include a trust, will, power of attorney, health care directive, and perhaps a few other things.

Streeter Law Group was founded in 2003 by Elder Law Attorney, Debra Leffler Streeter. The firm’s primary focus is estate planning, including asset protection, and protection for those in need of Medi-Cal benefits, Veteran’s benefits, Dementia or Alzheimer’s care.

What to expect from Streeter Law Group

Debbie Streeter

In 2007 we met with a potential client whose mother was extremely ill. By this time, the client had attempted everything physically, financially and emotionally in her power to help her mother. What was needed was for mom to be placed in a nursing home. We helped the client apply for and receive Medi-Cal benefits for her mother. In addition, lead attorney Debra Leffler Streeter prepared a Trust which secured those benefits while protecting what money mom had from taxes and nursing home costs.

The client’s mom died a few years after. Streeter Law Group assisted again by helping the client keep her mother’s house.

Debra Leffler Streeter drafted a new Trust on behalf of the client and her husband protecting the home.

Presently, the home remains in the family. The client has started a new business. Streeter Law Group continues to assist by helping establish the business as a corporation. 

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