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Information About Commercial Leasing:

Both landlords and tenants need an attorney they know and trust, who is available to answer questions, discuss deal terms, review documents, and, if necessary, prepare an agreement. Most landlords and tenants are anxious to get the formalities of an agreement out of the way so they can either begin collecting rent from a good tenant or commence their business in the new space. We have extensive experience in preparing and negotiating office leases, retail leases, industrial space leases, ground leases, subleases and assignments for parties on both sides of these transactions.

Buying, Leasing, Office, Retail or Industrial Space?

You need a Professional Real Estate Attorney who is on Your side and can explain Your Options.

Evaluation of How to Make Sure the Real Estate Contract is Right for You

Negotiating the right terms for your real estate contract allows business owners to make sure they have a fair deal and can run their business profitably. Which terms are right for you depends on facts and circumstances unique to your business. Our evaluation will walk you through the process to determine which terms are right for you.

An Attorney Who Listens And Makes Affordable Recommendations

Every business owner has unique needs and concerns. Our attorneys are friendly, knowledgeable, experienced real estate attorneys who have negotiated hundreds of real estate contracts. They know which terms are worth fighting for on both sides of the deal. Our attorneys will make recommendations to you that are fair and cost-effective.

Comfort of Knowing the Contract is Fair for You

When you have a good attorney on your side negotiating for you, you will be more at ease knowing you can operate your business profitably .

The Services We Offer Include:

  • Purchase/Sale of Real Estate
  • Office/Retail/Industrial Leases
  • Subleases/Assignments
  • Ground Leases
  • And More…

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