Nov 7

Love Your Lawyer

Love Your Lawyer

Another successful year …

Friday, November 3 was the sixteenth annual National Love Your Lawyer Day!

National Love Your Lawyer Day (originally called National I Love My Lawyer Day when introduced in 2001), was the brain child of the American Lawyers Public Image Association (or ALPIA for short). The holiday was intended to change the often harsh public perception of lawyers.

National Love Your Lawyer Day is the one day of the year dedicated to thanking and showing appreciation to your favorite lawyer or judge for all the work they do. Not just in their practice or on the bench, but in the community.

Celebrating is easy. All you need do is to go one day without telling a lawyer joke or making a harsh comment. If you want to get really wild, you can send a letter, card, or email to your favorite attorney; or post a testimonial to their preferred social media site or sites.

For their part, lawyers and judges honored by National Love Your Lawyer Day are encouraged to complete at least one hour of pro bono work, or donate the equivalent time to charity.

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